Literary contest "There is only one music " in memory of Dmitry Simonov

Named as a line from a poem by Boris Ryzhy, this contest is not a competition, but rather an anthology of literary works about music and musicians. The theme of the contest music of all styles and directions and those who create it. True masterpieces were born from the contact between the harmony of sound and word, and we believe that modern literature also finds a cherished note of inspiration in this union.

Dmitry Simonov, whose name was given to the contest, was a talented saxophonist who lived a very short but bright, inspiring and creative life, involving everyone who knew him into the orbit of jazz and improvisation. We understand that in today’s controversial world with its redundancy of information, it is important for a writer to find his audience first of all. And in order for our contest to contribute to this, we will publish within a year in the electronic magazine MOLOKO («Young Eye») the works of participants selected by the jury.

There are three nominations in the contest:

1.         Poems

2.         Story

3.         Novel, narrative.

The winners will be announced in September 2021.

Works will be accepted until August 1, 2021.

The prize fund is:

The winner in the nomination «Poems» is awarded 15 (fifteen) thousand rubles.

The winner in the nomination «Story» is awarded 15 (fifteen) thousand rubles

The winner in the nomination «Novel, narrative » is awarded 25 (twenty-five) thousand rubles. It is also possible to award the Readers’ Sympathy Prize.


Requirements to works submitted for the contest:

Works of the mentioned genres, rights to which belong to the authors, are accepted for the contest. Works with appeals to aggression, cruelty, national hatred and containing offensive language are not allowed to participate in the contest.


Jury of the contest:

Alexey GUSHAN, poet

Daria SIMONOVA, writer

Evgeniy MOSKVIN, writer

Maria NATOTSINSKAYA, musician, concertmaster of the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music

Lydia SYCHYOVA, writer, journalist, editor-in-chief of «Moloko» magazine.


Works, short biography of the author and contact information should be sent to with a note «for the contest».


For all questions please contact: +7 915 085 03 65 Daria Simonova


Moscow, 2020-2021


source: Darya Simonova

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