"An American in Paris" in Tyumen Philharmonic

They began to play in an ensemble, when they were students at the Moscow Conservatory, at the class of professor, Honored Artist of Russia Elena Richter, the student of H. Neuhaus, who continues traditions of his piano school. One of the works that had a huge impact on their artistic formation was last work «Symphonic Dances»of the Great Russian composer Rachmaninov in the composer’s arrangement for two pianos. This work determined the direction of the young duo: constant reference to the symphonic genre, the attraction to large forms, vivid manifestation of the conductor began, transfering orchestral colors and sounds. Considerable place in their repertoire take transcriptions by Maxim Puryzhinski of popular orchestral works.

Subsequent improvement of the ensemble is in the class of professor, People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Bonduryansky. All further progress piano duets inseparably linked with the name of their teacher. One of the most important events in the life of a creative duo is success of Russian duet school winning the third prize at the 54th ARD International Competition in Munich in 2005. A top competitive battle was the 1st prize, won in the most important and prestigious piano duets competition XI Dranoff International Two Piano Competition in Miami in 2008

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