"Little solemn mass" by Rossini presented in the Great Hall of the Conservatory

«Little solemn Mass» by Gioachino Rossini was written for performance at his country house. There far from Paris in early spring composer held his traditional musical Saturdays. To mark the opening of the season there was a lyre hanging at the gate.

This evening is special for the artistic director of the Moscow Chamber Choir. First, this is the opening of the season. In addition, on the eve of the concert an international prize of Andrew the First Called was awarded to the maestro. And, of course, the music is full of memories. «Little solemn mass» was performed by the choir first performed 30 years ago.

The piano soloist is Ekaterina Mechetina. Other soloists are Spanish singer Maria Espada, a light soprano (student of Montserrat Caballe), Canadian velvety mezzo Annamaria Popescu. Sensual Georgian tenor Shalva Mukeriya and only Russian — local bass from the Mariinsky Alexey Tanovitski

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