Andrei Petrov Russian Music Festival held in Kemerovo Philharmonic

Each autumn beginning from 2007the All Russia Andrei Petrov music festival is being held in various cities of our country, the festival is organized by Andrei Petrov foundation and Saint Petersburg government. During these years, more than 70 cities took part in this large-scale musical project.

Andrei Petrov, who wrote a lot of operas, ballets and symphonies, is primarily known by most of the listeners as the author of the music to our favorite movies – “ Office Romance, » Beware of the Car, » Cruel Romance «,» Autumn Marathon «, «Petersburg mysteries» and many others. Music by Andrei Petrov will rule on all festival concerts.

The Kuzbass Governor’s Symphony Orchestra festival under Tao Lin, conductor — winner of international competitions Mikhail Golikov (St. Petersburg), Elena Zabrodina (soprano), Mikhail Lukonin (baritone) are going to take part in the festival.


The first part

Andrei Petrov, «The brilliant St. Petersburg», music for symphony orchestra «Blue Bird», Overture-Fantasy

Vladislav Uspensky Suite from the ballet «The Cranes Are Flying»

The second part

Andrei Petrov Fragments of the suite «Street melodies in tuxedos»

 Songs and Romances


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