Soloists of the National Opera of Bucharest for the first time come to the Ural

Opera gala concert will be held on November 5 in Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theater in the Days of the spiritual culture of Romania. Four Romanian Opera soloists will participate in the gala concert — Mary Maxim Nikoare, Christina Simionescu, Laura Magdalena Skripkaru and Florentina Irina Onică.

Soprano and mezzo-soprano performers will take to the stage with one of the finest tenors of the Mariinsky Theatre — Dmitry Voropayev. Accompanied by the orchestra of the theater, they are going perform the best parties of the classical repertoire.

A gala concert on November 5th people will not only hear, but also see an open photo exhibition «Colorful Romania” in the lobby of the theater. The exposition includes hundreds of black-and-white and color works by leading photographers, representatives of the generation «second wave of Romanian art.» In Russia, a photo exhibition will be seen by residents of two cities — St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

It should be noted that the days of spiritual culture of Romania to Russia include concerts of creative groups, workshops, folklore shows, and solo performances by musicians and artists in the five regions of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novgorod and Chelyabinsk. This exchange program, implemented by «Oasis’’ company, will be a continuation of successful Days of Russian Culture in Romania in 2010-2011

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