Baroque : Restrained passion by Chamber ensemble Perle di Musica

On October, 28, 2012 the chamber ensemble «‘PERLE DI MUSICA» under Sofia Reschetnikowa presents no concert program “Baroque: restrained passion «. Is it true that a passion is called restrained? What is hidden inside a composer’s soul? Secret love or pain caused by  this strong emptions? Somthing misterious and unknown for ordinary people. Usually we listen to music and can only guess if there is any special message of the author spoken by means of music.

This and other mysteries can be discovered at the concert ofChamber ensemble Perle di Musica. In Italian the word «Perli» means «pearls», so the name of the ensemble was not selected just by chance. 

During the concert the masterpieces of composers of the late XVII — beginning of XVIII century are going to be performed.

The artistic director and the head of «Perle di Musica» Sofia Reschetnikova presents her new unforgettable program performed by young aspiring soloists:JULIA TYRKALOVA (violin),LUBOV SHIRSHIKOVA (violin),JULIA ŠAINOVIĆ (viola),EVANGELINA ČÁSLAVSKÁ (soprano)SOFIA RESCHETNIKOWA (soprano, piano).

So we remind the admirers of «Perle di Musica» ensemble and all chamber music lovers that the concert «Baroque : Restrained passion» begins at 3 p.m.


Don’t miss it!

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