Sochi will host "Laboratory of musical theater of XXI Century".

Traditionally, the Laboratory took place at the «Actor» sanatorium of the Union of theatrical figures. But this year, the Sochi Philharmonic concert association decided to become a partner, assisting in the organization of ‘’Laboratory of musical theater of XXI Century», and expand the categories of participants by the members of the Union concert organizations in Russia (V.V. Misharin, the Head of NCFD, the chairman of the Southern Branch of the Union of concert organizations in Russia).

Firstly, «Musical Theatre Laboratory XXI Century» was held in 2002. Since then Hospitable Sochi has become an annual venue for the Laboratory, gathering musical theater leaders and composers. The event is to familiarize the leaders of the theater with new artistic ideas in the field of musical theater. The main objective of the laboratory to initiate the process of creating new operas, ballets, musicals and musical performances, ballets, musicals and musical performances. Previously presented in the laboratory the new musical projects found their life at theaters in Russia. This year, their works present masters Alexander Tchaikovsky, Vladimir Kobekin, Tatiana Kamysheva, Alexander Smelkov, Alexander Knaifel, as young composers Anastasia Bespalova, Alex Sioumak, Nikolai Mazhara and Anton Tanonov, said information and publishing department of the NCFD.

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