Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and Schubert in Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater

 October, 6, 2012  the artistic director and principal conductor of Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater Ainars Rubikis and the Symphony Orchestra of Novosibirsk Theater  presented the concert program of classical composers’ compositions.
 The program was the following : Tchaikovsky Concert for violin and orchestra which is one of vertices of playing the violin; Symphony in Three Movements by Igor Stravinsky, composed in post war time and, from the stories told by the composer, telling about the war; and the most ambitious of the Schubert symphonies – The Ninth Symphony, known as the «Great C major Symphony.»
The violin part in Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto was performed by Olga Mikhailova a graduate of the M.I. Glinka Novosibirsk Conservatory, familiar the audience as the soloist of summer concert Gaudeamus-Gala. The concert is a sophisticated virtuoso piece in the violin repertoire; it allows showing all the virtuoso abilities of instruments and soloists. However, it continues the lyrical symphonic genre by Tchaikovsky. The Violin Concerto is a compulsory piece at the prestigious P.I. Tchaikovsky International Competition, and its performance is the high level landmark.
«Symphony in Three Movements» by Stravinsky belongs to a different ideological direction. This is “ …the experience of our hard life, with its rapidly changing events, despair and hope, with its incessant torment, extreme tension, and finally, some enlightenment, left no trace in the symphony” (I. Stravinskiy). The piece is almost modern, complicated by language, full of hidden meanings, that is certainly true in our time.
The Monumental Symphony Nr. 9 by Franz Schubert was the apotheosis of the concert. This epic Symphony is the last work in the composer’s creative way. It is radically different from the previous opuses. 
“… Gigantic piece, wherein the huge size and great power and richness of inspiration” (P. Tchaikovsky). 
“Vienna with its Cathedral of Saint Stephen, beautiful women, with its entire splendor, belted by Danube countless ribbons, nestled in the blooming valley gradually turning into higher mountains… The charming landscape in front of our eyes makes sound the strings, which otherwise would never have sounded in us…” (R.Schumann).
Olga Mikhailova (violin) and The Symphony Orchestra of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre took part in the concert. Conductor — Music Director and Chief Conductor of the theater, Laureate International Conducting Competition Ainars Rubikis


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