International Festival "Kyiv Music Fest” Opens in Kyiv’’

«Kyiv Music Fest » is one of the largest and most respected festivals in Ukraine. The first time it was held in 1990, presenting a broad panorama of the Ukrainian musical culture in the context of world culture, showing bright originality and professionalism of our national art.

The organizers of the «Kyiv Music Fest» traditionally are the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and the National Union of Composers. Numerous community organizations, charitable foundations, embassies and cultural institutions around the word also help in the organization of the Festival. The co-chairmen of the organizing committee of the festival are the Minister of Culture of Ukraine, Mikhail Kulinyak, and chairman of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine, Igor Shcherbakov, artistic director – and honored co-chairman of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine Miroslav Skorik.

This year’s festival starts on September 27 and runs until October, 8. The program includes music written by composers from more than 20 countries around the world: Germany, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Tajikistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Canada, Lithuania, USA, Austria, Slovakia, Israel, UK and, of course, Ukraine. Moreover, our state would represent the masters almost from all regions. Visitors from Russia (conductor Fedor Glushchenko, composer Oleg Paiberdin), Kazakhstan (composers and Balnur Kydyrbek Artyk Toksanbai), Switzerland (conductor Nicolas Farin and Irina Gorkun flutist), Belarus (composer Konstantin Yaskov), Finland (violinist Sebastian Silen) , Poland (Stanislaw Krupovich composer and cellist Bartosz Kozyak), UK (violinist Dmitry Tkachenko), USA (composer and conductor Virko Baley, vocalists John Daykers and Laura J. Bon) will come to Kiev. The concerts will be held in The Column Hall of the Mykola Lysenko, Big and Small Halls of the National Music Academy of Ukraine in the name of Tchaikovsky, Big Concert Studio of the National Radio Company of Ukraine, Halls of the National Union of Composers and the National Academy of Arts, as well as in churches — St. Michael’s Cathedral (September 29 and October 6, 13:30) and the Church of St. Basil the Great (September 29, 12:00) where spiritual choral music by Ukrainian composers will be performed. The opening concert of the International XXII «Kyiv Music Fest 2012» will be held in September 29, and closing concert – October, 6 (both at the Philharmonic, the beginning — in 19:00).

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