The Omsk Philharmonic will present classic and jazz trombone

Trombone is one of the most expressive orchestral pieces. He has a very strong voice, it sounds harsh, hard and with emotion. When several trombones playing together, the impression of grandeur, power, supernatural and magical.

Trombone Quartet is rare in musical life. Concerts with the winds and the more trombones for Omsk are no exception. In the West, such ensembles are called «low-brass» («low brass»). Today in Omsk musicians appeared capable to act in such a composition. The initiator of the concert is a young soloist Omsk Academic Symphony Orchestra, concertmaster of the trombones, Riga-born Alex Zhurba. Musician graduated from the Krasnoyarsk School of Arts in the class of trombones, and then the Krasnoyarsk State Academy of Music and Theatre. In 2005-2010. He participated in the session band «Jazz Summit Band», has collaborated with the «Brass Quintet», played in the Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra. In 2006-2011. played in the orchestra of the Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theater, in 2002-2011 years. — In the orchestra of the Krasnoyarsk Musical Theater. Since 2011 he works in Omsk Academic Symphony Orchestra. Joining him on stage is accomplished trombonist Omsk Alexander Deryabin, as well as the newly minted artists Omsk Symphony Orchestra, who came into the team in 2011-2012: Andrew and Alexander Kozin Korotich. All four musicians playing on the new, newly acquired tools brand «Conn.»

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