Chuvash music festival opens in Cheboksary

The festival presents the landmark for theater performances, which have become national property of Chuvashia: Opera «Shyvarman» of Fyodor Vasiliev based on legend by Alexander Alga (February 13), his ballet «Sarpige» based on the story by Yefim Nikitin (14 February), opera «Narspi» by Gregory Hirbyu based on the poem by Konstantin Ivanov (15 February).

On February, 16 there will be a gala concert, which includes works by Aristarchus Orlov-Shuzm, Gregory Hirbyu, Stepan Maximov and other Chuvash composers. Premiere of the work by Lolita Chekushkina is scheduled.

Week of Chuvash music was held at the theater in 2011. The result is a musical idea to hold an annual forum of national music.

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