Bolshoi Theatre postponed "Rite of Spring" until full Sergei Filin recovery

«It was nice to postpone setting up complete recovery of Director of Ballet Company Sergei Filin», said the spokesperson of the Bolshoi Theatre Katerina Novikova.

At the same time the festival «Century» Rite of Spring «- The Age of Modernism» on which the premiere was scheduled will be held at the announced deadlines:  from March 27 to April 21. Remain unchanged and the lists of participants in the show, on which the version of the famous Swiss Bejart Ballet will be the performed.

Ballet «The Rite of Spring» had, in conjunction with one-act ballet «Apartment» was to be performed from 28 to 31 of March.

On January, 17 an unknown person splashed presumably sulfuric acid in the face of artistic director of the Bolshoi near his home in Moscow. Filin was hospitalized with burns to the face and third-degree burns of the eye. He had several operations, now he has a long recovery period. Criminal investigation into the attack on the Filin is filed under «the intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm.» The maximum penalty is eight years in prison. Suspects not found.

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