Belgorod Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra spent Christmas holidays in China

By invitation of the Chinese side at the end of December the orchestra arrived in Shanghai. The largest megacity (25 million inhabitants) was the starting and final point of the path of the Belgorod musicians. Exotic country captured the imagination with its magnificence and contrasts. Grand cities, stacked road, huge concert halls and another, different from ours, culture and public.

At a concert in the city of Tianjin in the great hall (2,500 seats), where listeners are placed around the stage, with excellent acoustics and a large organ, was attended by the new Prime Minister of China, Chen Chun.

In the concert program, presented to the Chinese audience, the orchestra played the  music of popular classics: Overture to the opera «Ruslan and Ludmila» by Glinka, excerpts from the ballet «Swan Lake» and «The Nutcracker» by Tchaikovsky, «Festive Overture» by Shostakovich, music by Bizet, Gounod, Johann Strauss, Dunayevsky. Maestro Dmitri Orlov conducted the orchestra (Moscow).

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