The new concert program of Renaissance Orchestra :Jesu, meine Freude

Almost like in XVII, in the Saint Catherine church of Kazan, there is a concert of sacred music. The church is full of people willing to listen to Bach music and repeat after the great composer “Jesu, meine Freude’’. Jesus is our joy, Jesus is our hope, and Jesus is our life and our future. When we lose hope and our life seems like walking in darkness, we start to pray God asking Him to give peace to our heart. Because of the prayer begins the revival of soul, and we see the way to change our life for the best.

       The light of a candle in the darkness of the church, so with the help of music played by Renaissance Orchestra gives an impression of Enlightenment. The faces of people seem peaceful and inspired. Perhaps, it is due to Bach’s genius of which there is no doubt. But also there is a kind of magic in orchestra manner of interpretation as a result of hard work under the guidance of a young promising conductor Anastasia Ilyushkina.

     The story of the orchestra is “an example of God’s providence” said Pastor Christian Herman at the beginning of the concert. It was he who witnessed the formation of the orchestra and the tragic situation with its founder and a great musician Rudolf Brening. Rudolf has suffered a stroke and couldn’t perform the functions of conductor. But he never but he never gave up music. I remember him playing at the same church a year or two before his death, he played a complicated musical piece written by himself and he played with one hand which was not struck by illness. He was a great example of strong willed person, who teaches the spectators and young musicians to fight and continue working in spite of all obstacles which we meet on the way. Due to his strong will and titanic labor Rudolf Brening had an opportunity to impart all his knowledge to Anastasia. She is very talented and hardworking as her teacher and has all chances achieve success in her professional life. The orchestra is worth being admired, not only because it consists of beautiful girls, but because of their love for music and devotion to their profession. We can only wish them success in their creative activity. If ever you hear about the orchestra in your town, do not miss it, because it’s worth seeing.

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