Skriabin. The Omsk Symphony Orchestra performs the fist ever Son et lumiere

On October, 19 the Omsk Symphony Orchestra represents a new concert program “Prometheus: The Poem of Fire’’ for piano, orchestra and optional choir, and clavier à lumières, which is one of the most famous works by Alexander Scriabin(1872-1915),  the founder of the ever first Son et lumiere. It was he who created the genre in which the role of the light («Luce») is equal to instrumental parties and it was written on a separate stave musical score. But what is the peculiarity of such kind of performance? The thing is that during the performance of symphonic poem ‘’ Prometheus” the space in the concert hall is varicolored. Different colors interchangeably follow the musical performance. According to Scriabin, each phrase reflected in music can be seen in full color.
The peculiarity of color («Luce») is that it is written by usual notes, but there is no indication how to designate them in the score. This is not a simple matter for a musician. From the memoirs of Scriabin contemporaries and the drafts of his score it became possible to restore the correspondence of certain colors to note symbols. The first performance of Prometheus took place in 1915 in New York Carnegie Hall. Modern musicians often turn to Scriabin creative work.

At present concert of the Omsk Symphony Orchestra
choral parts in Son et lumiere performance will by interpreted by Chamber Choir under the honored cultural worker Larisa Sabitova. The party of the piano will be performed vby acclaimed pianist from Kazan, the honored artist of Russian Federation Evgeni Mikhailov, in whose creative work the music by Scriabin takes a special place.

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