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The cultural life of Russia is extremely unequal: it is concentrated in several centers, where its brightest and most significant component is accumulated commercially; the periphery has mainly state support for the development of culture, which is generally insufficient, and is based on the initiative of individuals. The cultural community of the periphery is focused on local events, in terms of professionalism of performance, which contrasts strongly with exemplary ones, inferior to them in quality, but sometimes even surpassing them. The Music of Russia news portal is able to ensure the establishment of interregional cultural ties through the accumulation and exchange of information from regions and metropolitan cultural centers. The website of the Music of Russia news portal contains articles about academic and folk music, information about cultural events that are of great importance for every person involved in the cultural process of their region, investing personal resources in this. The portal helps to identify talented young people, helps to develop their cultural skills, and supports them in the movement towards professionalism.

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