A series of workshops on literary skills and translation of "Rodnaya kniga" in the House of Tatar Book.

The program of activities is the following:

October 7

10:00 — 11:30 Alexey Arzamasov’s lecture «Literature of the peoples of Russia in the early twentieth century: a picture of development». 11:30 — 10:00 workshops on translation of contemporary Tatar poetry under the direction of Alena Karimova and Luisa Yansuar will be held. For those who did not have time to attend these seminars, this opportunity will be available at 15:30 — 16:30.

The ceremonial opening of the workshops will take place at 13:00. 15:00-15:30 there will be a meeting with Albina Absalyamova, Editor-in-Chief of «Idel» magazine.

October 8

10:00 — 11:00 Louise Yansuar will give a lecture on modern Tatar literature.

11:00-12:00 There will be workshops on translation of Turkic poetry under the guidance of Maxim Amelin and Marina Bukulova. 12:00-13:00 there is a creative meeting of Russian and Tatar poets.

13:30-14:30 Presentation of the anthology of plays by the peoples of Russia. Moderator is Maxim Amelin. 15:00-17:00 sightseeing tour around Kazan.

On October 9, participants can visit the Kazan Kremlin, National Museum and other places of interest.

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