Perm Opera House, presented performance "Medeamaterial" at the "Golden Mask" Festival

The work of the theater nominated for «Golden Mask» in the category «Best performance in an opera.» In private nominations experts noted the conductor Theodore Currentzis and performer in the title role Nadezhda Kucher.

Medeamaterial and is seen as a show of two people — a conductor and soloist. While on the scene fairly crowded, all the action is carried out by not uttering word ballet dancers. This Medea performed by Nadezhda Kucher, and that she, along with the orchestra and the chorus carries the brunt of Dusapin musical drama opus.

Director Philip Grigorian was the play of the text, so the viewer is invited to a very dark and bloody spectacle, using a variety of characters from the skeleton in the shower before the water running. All of this is «in cash» to create the necessary atmosphere, and simultaneously illustrates what Medea sings in German.

Yet, thie real action — in the vocal and musical score.

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