The first organ will appeared on Sakhalin

According to Tomas Rafalyak, the rector of the Catholic parish of St. James in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the musical instrument is not medieval, but modern.

«This instrument should always accompany the liturgy in the Catholic Church, as the chorus — in Orthodox.  We have good acoustics in the church. And, if possible, in the summer we will install the organ in our church. On that day to two Polish organists will come and give the first concert of classical religious music. In the future, we want these concerts to be held once a month. We will invite musicians from European countries — Poland, Germany, Austria, from Moscow and Irkutsk. Russians love organ music. We think that this will be an event that many will be happy to see. This is in my dreams and plans. But we really want it», says Father Thomas

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