"Music of Russia" celebrates 10th anniversary

Dear Readers!

In 2021 our newspaper «Music of Russia» will celebrate its 10th anniversary. We will continue to inform  you about news in the world of music in Russia and abroad, openings at theaters, concert halls, and conservatories around the world.

You’ll learn a lot about composers, both well-known and emerging young talents. Music knows no limits. It is a language understood by everyone, and it does not need a translator. With the help of music we can express our feelings and understand how composers felt when they created it.
At these difficult times, when the borders are closed and we have to stay at home. 
The coronavirus epidemic did not allow us to attend concerts and festivals, go to theaters and movies, but at this difficult time we did not give up and always thought about you, our dear readers.

All this time we have worked for you and we are very grateful that you are still with us.

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Your editorial staff

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