The History of the Union of Composers of the Republic of Tatarstan


The Union of Composers of the Republic of Tatarstan was founded in 1939. At first, the Union of Composers consisted of 10 members. These were outstanding representatives of musical culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, who can be classified as the founders of the Tatar professional music: composers N.Zhiganov, A.Klyucharev, M.Muzafarov, S.Saydashev, Dzh.Fayzi, Z.Habibullin, F. Yarullin and musicologist H.Teregulova. Salih Saidashev takes a special place among the Tatar composers. He was the founder of the modern Tatar professional music and laid the foundations for the development of the Tatar opera, ballet and symphonic music.

Nazib Gayazovich Zhiganov was elected the first Chairman of the Composers' Union of Republic of Tatarstan in 1939.

Nazib Gayazovich Zhiganov was an outstanding composer, the greatest figure of Tatar musical culture of the twentieth century, founder and first rector of the Kazan State Conservatory. The Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre was opened in 1939 with the performances of his opera "Kachkyn" ("The Fugitive"). Operas "Altynchach", "Jalil», symphonic poem "Kyrlai" received wide acceptance. Among the works of 17 symphonies, symphonic poems, 8 operas, 3 ballets, piano cycles for children, chamber and instrumental and vocal compositions. Zhiganov was awarded the State Prize of the USSR, G.Tukay State premium of TASSR; Orders of Lenin, and the title of Honored Artist of Tatarstan, Russian Federation, People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor. In 2001, the name Nazib Gayazovich by Zhiganov was given to the Kazan State Conservatory.

After the opening of the Kazan State Conservatory in 1945.In the republic, including - Composers and Musicologists. In 1950-ies of the Union of Composers included A.Bakirov, A.Brening, A.Valiullin, H.Valiullin, O.Lundstrem, A.Luppov, A.Monasypov, B.Mulyukov, I.Shamsutdinov, R.Yahin, musicologists Ch.Bahtiyarova, Ya.Girshman, O.Egorova, G.Kasatkina etc.

In the 1960-s in Tatar music there is a new generation of musicians. Students of the Kazan Conservatory, composers F.Ahmetov, R.Belyalov, R.Enikeev, L.Lyubovsky, M.Yarullin show preferential interest in the genre of instrumental and vocal music, make a significant contribution to the national musical culture. Symphonies, instrumental concerts by F.Ahmetov, R.Belyalov, R.Enikeev, N.Zhiganov, A.Leman, A.Monasypov, and A.Luppov awarded all-USSR recognition.

From 1977 to 1989 the composer organization republic headed by Mirsaid Zagidullovich Yarullin.

Mirsaid Zagidullovich Yarullin (1938-2009) - a significant figure in the musical and social life of Tatarstan, initiator of many creative endeavors, which played a big role in acquiring its own building for the Union with a concert hall in the center of Kazan. Composer, teacher, a prominent community leader, secretary of the Union of Composers of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Regional Association of the Union of Composers of the republics of the Volga and the Ural, Prize winner of the Republican in the name of M.Dzhalil, Honored Artist of Russia and Tatarstan, People's Artist of Tatarstan.

Mirsaid Yarullin went down in history as the author of the Tatar music first Tatar oratorio "Keshe" (Man) to the words R.Haris. 

From 1967 until his death Yarullin taught at the Kazan Conservatory, 1995 - served as Dean of the Faculty of Tatar music art at the conservatory.

In 1970 - 2000-ies the list of members of the Union was updated by L.Blinov, A.Rudenko, L.Hayrutdinova, Sh.Sharifullin, A.Mirgorodsky, B.Chetvergov, Sh.Timerbulatov, M.Shamsutdinova, R.Abdullin, R.Kalimullin, R.Ahiyarova, L.Batyr-Bulgari, I.Baytiryak, and S.Belikov. In the Union there are leading musicologists Republic: M.Nigmedzyanov, F.Bikchurina, Yu.Isanbet, Z.Saydasheva, G. Cantor, M.Fayzulaeva, F.Shamsutdinova, K.Tazieva etc.

From the first days of its existence, the Union of Composers of Tatarstan became a center of musical life in the republic and the initiator of many creative actions, participated in strategic development of national art.

In 1982, Kazan hosted the first festival of music by composers of the Volga and Ural regions, with the participation of musicians Mari-El, Bashkortostan, Republic of Mordovia, Udmurtia, and Chuvashia. The festival is held annually in one of the countries in the region.

Since 1989, the chairman of the Union became a young composer Rashid Kalimullin. His creativity and work played a crucial role in breaking the Tatar music in a new cultural space.

Rashid Fagimovich Kalimullin is one of the leading contemporary Russian composers, musician, whose works successfully heard in many European countries, the USA, China, Hong Kong and Japan. Twice winner of the first prizes at international competitions in Germany (1987) and Austria (1994), Shostakovich Prize winner, People's Artist of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan. Since 2010 he is the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Union of Composers.

Turning to the various musical genres - opera, symphonic and chamber instrumental compositions, film music etc. Rashid Kalimullin is initiator of the Kazan Center for Contemporary Music of Sofia Gubaidulina (2001) and a number of international contemporary music festival held in Russia and Tatarstan: «Europe-Asia» (1993), «Muz-Transit» (2003).

Among the most famous works: the opera "Cuckoo’s cry", symphonies, instrumental concertos, music for orchestra, chamber and instrumental, choral and vocal works.

 Kazan became a center for Russian and international cultural life. Music festivals "New Wanderers" were held in 1996 and 2005 on the initiative of the Union of Composers of Tatarstan and the Union of Composers of Russia. The concerts of the festival was attended by more than 300 performers, including world-renowned Russian National Orchestra under Mikhail Pletnev, the Moscow State Theatre "Helikon Opera, etc.

Such festivals became the forerunners of a larger project of the Union of Composers – The International Festival "Europe and Asia", which is regularly held since 1993 (every two years) in Kazan and other cities (initiator and artistic director - Kalimullin). With the advent of the festival "Europe-Asia" new life gets chamber music composers of Tatarstan. The concerts of the festival performed the works of contemporary authors include leading groups and soloists performing in Europe, Asia, America. For great merits and achievements of contemporary music festival "Europe-Asia" awarded with the premium the Russian Government. In 1999, the Union of Composers of RT first in Russia became a member of the International Association of Contemporary Music ISCM (With headquarters in Amsterdam) and an annual participant of the largest international festival "World Music Days". It is evidence of high prestige school of composition of our republic.

Composers' Union of the Republic of Tatarstan today - one of the largest and influential composers in Russia: third, after Moscow and St. Petersburg - in numbers and creativity. Composed of leading professors, experts in their field have brought up a large number of composers and musicologists. This composers: A. Luppov, Boris Trubin, Lawrence Blinov, Alexander Rudenko, Rashid Kalimullin, musicologists: Chulpan Bakhtiyarova, Yulduz Isanbet, George Kantor, Mahmut Nigmedzyanov, Zemfira Sajdasheva, Flyora Bikchurina Alexander Maklygin.

Tatar music is an integral part of the modern musical space. Music composers Tatarstan has a place on the world music scene, played at various international music festivals and competitions.

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